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Helping you achieve optimum health, harmony and balance

Natural Health
& Nutrition

Your body is striving for balance and trying it's hardest to be as healthy for you as possible.  With an individual-centred approach to restoring health using whole foods, hydration and natural techniques you can regain vitality and improve your general sense of wellbeing using your body's unique and wonderful ability to heal itself given the correct conditions.

Put the joy back into your life!

Join us on our next weekend workshop on Sat 26th and Sun 27th September 2020 in Budleigh Salterton

This is a wonderful workshop designed to promote real change in a loving, healing and self-nurturing way. If you want to take better care of yourself but you're not quite sure where to start...then this maybe for you. Each week through a growing self-awareness exercise; blocks may be removed to help you connect to your own wisdom, creativity and confidence. 


Starting in the Autumn 2020 in Budleigh Salterton 11:15am -1:15pm with an optional free guided wellness walk.

Harnessing the energy of the new moon, this monthly workshop brings like-minded friendly souls together keen to improve their own health and wellbeing, who also have a desire to support others to the same.

Our next workshop is around the time of the new moon. We will be learning about Winter wellness, making new moon wishes and setting intentions for the month ahead.

A way of working, confidentially with me to support, focus and challenge you towards your dreams in life and career. 

Let me be your sounding board and someone who will help you sort through your thoughts, feelings and behaviour to get clarity and focus and move you forward.

Welcome, it's lovely to meet you!

Nurturenourish is for people who want gentle, loving guidance and support to take their health and wellbeing to a new level. Beccy Holland blends personal development coaching and nutritional therapy to help you achieve your goals and have optimum, health, harmony and balance. If you want to transform your life, be the best version of yourself and feel beautiful, confident, loved and abundant every single day then I would love to help you. We live in a world now where potentially we can have it all. Our choices are endless but we don't always make the right ones.

Here at Nurture Nourish I would like to guide you to make the right decisions for you. I'll help you develop the skills and mindset to be happy, healthy and authentic in a modern fast-paced world full of constant change.


Maybe you would like to:


  • Feel more joy, happiness and positivity 

  • Have a healthy self-image and lifestyle 

  • Lose weight and feel more confident

  • Meet someone special

  • Make new friends and feel connection

  • Feel inner peace, balance and stability

  • Make a career change

  • Unlock your passion and life -purpose

  • Start a new hobby

  • Achieve your dreams and goals

Even small changes can make a big difference. Making changes can feel scary but with support it can also be very exciting and liberating. Women are different from men. We operate more from an emotional level; caring for our partners, family, friends and pets first and very often forgetting to nurture and care for ourselves. To be a rock for everyone else we do need to create boundaries and a loving and sustainable self-care routine that supports our needs and enables us to flourish every day.

I'm here to help you...

...find balance and happiness.

I am here to support you to make the best possible life for yourself. I want you to be happy and free. Once you make that decision to change; all you need is the courage, a few tools and a positive attitude and all your dreams can come true.

I take a holistic approach to change, realising that when you make changes in one area of your life it will automatically have an affect on the other areas. If you lose some weight you may feel amazing, have more confidence and more vitality but also if you learn to relax, be kind to yourself as you would expect others to treat you, you will also improve your self-image.

How we perceive ourself is key here. Sometimes this needs a little tweaking and this is what I can help you with.

Life does throw us a few curve balls but it's really how we respond to those knocks that can make the difference between whether we create opportunities for ourselves or whether we let those experiences completely flaw us. Together we will design a programme of healthy eating, exercise, positive affirmations about yourself, relaxation techniques, in fact a full nurturing self-loving experience that you will love.

I want you to feel confident, sassy and beautiful everyday and that begins with you believing you are.

Are you ready for a huge adventure? It will be fun and once you start you won't want to stop!

Give yourself permission to start. Call or email me today.

I thoroughly enjoyed the visualisation meditation. It led me to acknowledging that I can achieve so much in my life. 
I felt peaceful, whole and complete. Beccy was welcoming and made me feel at ease.

Sian. P