NLP & Coaching

 I am very much a free flowing coach. That is, that I like to work with whatever you bring along to our sessions. We'll set goals for you and I will pace you through the process and help you achieve them but it will mean you'll have to be prepared to do something different as result. Sometimes though our own thoughts just get in the way of our progress and prevent us from moving forward. This is why I love NLP.

I qualified as an NLP Practitioner with the awarding body INLPTA in 2010 and it literally changed my life. Why? Well because I found a way to interrupt my own paralysing thoughts and replace them with ones that were a whole lot more positive. The past does shape us but it doesn't have to stop us from moving forward and fulfilling our dreams. 

"It's only a thought and a thought can be changed." Louise L Hay

Neurolinguistic Programming or NLP for short  is defined as ‘The Technology of Personal Excellence’. 


Neuro; refers to the mind and how we organise it our thoughts.

Linguistic; is about how we use language and how it affects us.

Programming; refers to our behaviour, and and how we act with purpose.


NLP works by taking someone from their present state, that is from what they are thinking and feeling right now to a desired state; that is to what they want to be thinking and feeling. 

Thoughts become feelings which become behaviours. Good or bad.


I use NLP in my work to help people move from;


An anxious state to a productive, ‘I can do it’ state.

"I’m overweight and hate myself" to ‘I feel healthier and happier every day’.

"I’m so stressed, I can’t!" state to a "Yes! Bring on the next challenge!" state.


NLP aims to unpack these limiting behaviours and beliefs and replace them with abilities and a state of mind that is empowering and life enhancing.

You might be able to get a sense that this change thought therapy can help you move from a very negative outlook where you feel stuck to a much more positive one where subsequent action creates a fantastic new life for yourself. 


My Vision 

Get up every morning and remind yourself