Reset Sunday Workshop 



Reset Sunday is an opportunity for you to attend a workshop each month for two or more hours to discuss the health and wellbeing of the people you care for and your own to achieve wellness. In the fast paced world that we live in where we seem to have so little time, more and more people seem to be getting sick and feeling unhappy and overwhelmed due to long term stress. Maybe you are one of them.

If you choose to join us, these golden hours that you gift yourself are about learning something new, sharing experiences, making new connections and setting yourself some self care goals to focus on until our next workshop. It is hoped that we can create a supportive environment where there is a flow of love and joy and finding peace within yourself.

Each month around the time of the new moon we will meet in a fairly small group. 

There will be a different topic for discussion each month. Feel free to bring your ideas along to share if you have found something that works for you as it may help another person.

The second part of our meeting is about how to use the energy of the new moon to enhance your own life over the next four weeks. The new moon is significant because it is an opportunity to work with the celestial energies and live more consciously. Each month the ‘flavour’ or energy of the moon is slightly different and it is with this energy we will work. For example, the new moon in flamboyant Sagittarius encourages us to take a break or plan a vacation, study for our future to bring more abundance into our life, search for meaning, laugh, have fun and be grateful. Who doesn’t need a little of that?

New moons are a great time for a little manifesting so each month we will write down some top 10 wishes for the month and some supporting affirmations, feeling and visualising these wishes and thinking about how we intend to work towards them. We will then mediate for a short while and release our attachment to them.

My hope is that this group will become a supportive group of people who enjoy the idea of peer coaching so that each person may achieve their own personal goals. 


There is the option of a free guided group walk around beautiful Budleigh for about 70 minutes after the golden hours where we may continue to chat and make connections, weather permitting.


 VENUE:  The Norman Centre, Station Road, Budleigh Salterton, Devon. EX9 6RJ

 TIME: 11:15pm - 1:15pm

 DATES: Starting in the Autumn 2020

 COST: £20

To secure your place, hit the Buy Now link to make a payment or for further details on how to pay contact Beccy by email

Updated information is on our EVENTS page on facebook

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"The greatest education man has to learn is the science of self." Harbhajan Singh Yogi