The 'Nurture Me' online course

 Are you springing out of bed each morning and looking forward to your day? No? Then it is possible your life is not in complete harmony and balance.

Nurture me aims to help you get back into balance by encouraging you to look at different areas of your life and consider how they might be improved in a loving and self-nurturing way.

It is your birthright to feel happy and feel a connection to the world.

It's not selfish to spend a little time and money on yourself. Believe it or not everyone around you, your family, friends and work colleagues will notice changes in you and benefit from your investment. 

The course is split into 6 lessons. The first lesson is totally free and is simply a tool to help you see where you are right now, what you currently do or don't do in regards to your health, wealth and happiness and where maybe, you would like to be. Have a go at the first exercise listed below to give you a flavour of what the rest of the course is like. 

This course is the process I put myself through and continue to, as I have started to view life as one big never-ending adventure. If you like the feel of the exercise and the level of self-enquiry and feel it has benefited you then I will email you some more exercises to try at no cost to you.

Remember I want to inspire and support you to make nurturing, nourishing and loving choices that make you feel happy and empowered. If you decide to enroll on the course then Lessons 2 - 6  will be made available to you to work through at your own pace. You will be encouraged to keep a reflective journal which you may share with me via email if you wish to receive feedback and encouragement.  Each lesson provides a different focus which really encourages you to look inward and reflect on your thoughts and behaviours, whether they serve you or whether they hold you back. 


Sometimes when we're a little stuck but knowing we want to change aspects of our life it's good to have a little review. The Nurture Me grid of Life pictured opposite represents your life. Fill in the boxes to represent the different areas even if currently you feel this area is not present in your life as this might be an area that would benefit from a little of your attention.

Next look at each box in turn.

So for box 6. Playtime you might write "I want to find more time to have a social life and see my friends" or for  box 8 you might write " I want to feel fit and healthy and have more energy every day." 

Now you've given yourself an idea of what you want in each area of your life, we need to get down to some specifics and start taking some action. So you might say for box 6, "I'm going to phone and arrange to meet one friend each week."

Remember this though. You need to be 100% committed to this action and also remember for a rich and rewarding life, ask yourself "What would I be doing if I put myself first and I really counted?"

Click on the            for a printable version of this exercise.





Imagine just for a moment that you're a fly on the wall in your own kitchen looking and listening to yourself. What do you sound like?

Does that little voice inside your head speak kindly to you or does it judge and criticise? 

This lesson uncovers some of the language patterns you are using through gentle explorative exercises. You will introduced to "Minnie Me"and learn powerful affirmations to release any negative patterns of behaviour.



Relaxation is essential to the healing process as it is difficult for the healing energies to flow through us if we tense and frightened. We all get stressed from time to time and we all carry a few hurts which hold us back. I was always so jealous of people who looked relaxed and appeared to be able to let life wash over them even when things were really difficult.

This lesson is all about finding ways for you to relax and recuperate, rather than staying in bed or keeping busy to avoid situations. Your body will thank you as your blood pressure, pulse rate, and the level of your stress hormones in your blood begin to normalise. A sense of calm and peace will follow.



This one has come up for me so may times and during my counselling training many moons a go I remember spending a whole evening with a colleague learning how to say the powerful but very powerful word 'no!"

Boundaries are such a necessary part of self-care and just as important as brushing your teeth or wearing shoes to protect your feet. Your inner self has limits and like a small child it needs nurturing.

During lesson 4 you will begin to practise the art of setting loving boundaries for yourself which in turn will create more free time for you to devote to your passions and priorities giving you a healthier, happier mind and a higher level of energy.



If you have had a difficult childhood like myself or have always had to put others first in the world it's quite difficult to believe you 'can' do things. You probably haven't had much evidence up until now that everything will turn out okay. But it does! We're still here despite everything that has gone on. We're much, much ,more resilient than we first believe and sometimes we need to take stock of our achievements even though we may think they are small.

Lesson 5 is all about gratitude, appreciation and pushing through some of fears to gain confidence and an attitude of 'I can' where the law of attraction opens up to us like a brand new gift.



There is no doubt that forgiving ourself and others is a very difficult thing to do but it is also most necessary for our own personal happiness and leads to immense personal growth. As love and compassion follow forgiveness. Releasing the past begins our healing process. You may notice not only more freedom afterwards in your mind but also in your body. The terrible pain I have felt in my hips and my knees as a result of holding onto resentment and grievances has all but melted away as I continually practise the exercise of forgiveness.

Lesson 6 helps you to dissolve resentment and experience a deep acceptance of a situation without condoning past wrongful behaviour. You will most definitely have more energy and a deeper love in your heart for yourself and others.

Investment for the online course is £99 but if you would like some more information then do get in touch.

"Start over, my darling. Be brave enough to find the life you want and courageous enough to chase it. Then start over and love yourself the way you were always meant to." Madalyn Beck.