Workshops and Classes
The Life Healing 'Happy to be me?' Weekend Workshop

Life Healing workshops are not like any others. They have been designed to promote change by leading you through an opening up process that enables you to work at a subconscious level. 

Life Healing is about you, the key influences and events in your life that have brought you to where you are today. 

The reason we work at a subconscious level is to try and break though the layers of old conditioning and beliefs about how you should lead your life, identify the problems, and clear the emotional clutter connected to them. 

The result is you being more in touch with your authentic self and having the ability afterwards to make healthy and loving choices where you feel nurtured and nourished.

You do need to want to change. After just two days you will come away feeling lighter, with a greater sense of personal freedom and live your life differently afterwards.

What will I do during the workshop?

You will explore:

  • The mind/body link; that is how your way of life has an impact on your body.

  • Forgiveness exercises - where you will be guided to start the releasing or clearing out process by letting go of resentment, bitterness, anger, and hatred that hold you back.

  • Gratitude exercises - by appreciating the good we already have in our lives we open ourselves up to receiving even more.

  • Affirmations - after releasing negative emotions you will confidently create affirmations to manifest good things in your life.

You will be part of a group of no more than 6 people. The course is designed to fulfil the needs of the individual even whilst being in a group experience. 

Location and Cost

The workshop takes place in Budleigh Salterton a beautiful little seaside town and the perfect venue for the lovely change work taking place during this workshop.

Your investment for the workshop is £99 and is run over two days.

1st day Saturday 11.15am - 5:00pm

2nd day Sunday 11:15am - 4:30pm

Please email for more details and to check availability on the next workshop.

Yes, I Can! Confidence and Self-Belief Workshop

Are you living up to your full potential?
Quite often the difference that makes the difference is confidence.
The aim of this workshop is for you to have some tools to tap into your full potential and use your natural confidence to create the life you really want.
You will discover how changing your thoughts can instantly boost your confidence and how our thoughts affect the way we feel.
You will explore what confidence is and in what situations you already feel confident and identify others in which you would like to have a confidence boost.
What it exactly means to have authentic confidence – times when you really felt alive, motivated and like your real self.
Hopefully you’ll come away seeing new possibilities, maybe ways to overcome shyness and ask for what you really want in your relationships, both personally and professionally.

Who is this course for?
Anyone that wants to boost their confidence and finally believe in their own self-worth.
Anyone that wants to meet like-minded people and have a new opportunity to make friends and feel connection.

What will I learn?
A couple of tried and proven techniques to put yourself into a state of natural confidence and have a can-do attitude.
How to begin to love and accept yourself.
How to write positive affirmations.
Some relaxation techniques and a list of resources to try at home.

You will receive a workbook, attendance certificate and the opportunity to change your life. Go for it!

Location and Cost

The workshop takes place in Budleigh Salterton a beautiful little seaside town and the perfect venue for the lovely confidence boosting work taking place during this workshop.

Investment is £75


Time: 11:15am - 5pm 


What are affirmations?

Affirmations are inspirational, positive statements you say or think about yourself.  Saying daily affirmations helps reprogramme our negative self-talk so we can manifest more positive thinking, feeling and experiences in our lives. 

Confidence course pic.jpg
Facebook post. Yes I can!.jpg
I affirm..."I am in the process of positive change."